Acclaimed international Transformational leader, speaker, successful author, singer/songwriter, Rikka has guided hundreds of thousands of people around the world to a greater level of consciousness and universal love. As the creator of Life Transformed, a series of live-streamed summits and classes held worldwide, Rikka empowers people to know they are the catalysts for bringing about transformation for themselves and the planet.

She has been featured on the covers of Conscious Life magazine and Living Now magazine. She released her first inspirational album, Be the Change, in 2013. She joined forces with Singer-Songwriters Isaac and Thorald Koren to bring fourth her new album entitled, The Miracle, which debuted Top Twenty on iTunesThe Miracle was deemed "superb" by Songwriting Magazine who praised Rikka as the "singer/songwriter that we’re sure you will love." 

You can connect with Rikka online at the following links: